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Our Triloop Scrubber for maritime vessels – a new and efficient way of exhaust gas cleaning for retrofitting and original equipment in premium class! Optimal compliance with sulfur regulation in all ECAs.


Alkaline additives for scrubber operation


Urea solution for SCR operation

pro Ocean

Fuel and lube oil additives

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We deliver all consumable for scrubber and SCR operation as well as fuel and lube oil additives.


the market’s only three-way-scrubber


Compliance with all fuel Regulations by IMO, EU and US Coast Guard

easier sludge management

high efficiency waste water treatment


high flexibility in use

Short payback time

sea-water use

high efficiency particulate matter reduction

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Three Operation Modes

DeSOx in open clean loop

This hybrid system can be run in both open and closed loop mode. The process water is either re-circulated or directly discharged back to the sea. For more detailed information please contact our engineer.

DeSOx in open loop

The open loop is the most frequently used system at open sea. Instead of being re-used, the process water is discharged directly back to the sea while complying fully with the IMO regulations. For more detailed information please contact our engineer.

DeSOx in closed loop

The closed loop is the most frequently used system. It’s used in zero discharged areas and the seawater or fresh water used in the process is continously re-circulated. For more detailed information please contact our engineer.

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As of January 1st 2021 all new built vessels have to achieve TIER III which today is only manageable by applying the SCR Technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction). In a SCR process nitrogen oxides are reacted stoichiometrically with ammonia or urea as reducing agent to form nitrogen (N2) and water vapour (H2O) which occur naturally in the atmosphere. The major part of the nitrogen oxides, which is generally present as NO, is reacted according to the following reaction:

4 NO + 4 NH3 + O2 ➟ 4 N2 + 6 H2O

As long as a mixture of NO and NO2 is present, the following somewhat faster reaction proceeds in parallel:

NO + NO2 + 2NH3 ➟ 2 N2 + 3 H20

The combination of two technologies makes the difference

The SCR technology is applied in a couple of thousands of combustion processes on land and has proven its long-term efficiency. More than 700 SCR systems are currently operated within the shipping industry. Primarine’s R & D program incorporates the optimization of conventional SCR technology as well as the development of new catalysts meeting the demands of the shipping industry more effectively.

Primarine offers High-Pressure SCR Systems (HP-SCR) for 2-stroke engines as well as Low Pressure SCR Systems (LP-SCR).

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Clean air is a global matter that can only be resolved globally. Therefore, the German ERC and the Chinese SPC have combined their expertise in the construction of exhaust gas cleaning systems in the joint venture PRIMARINE and developed the world’s most advanced DESOx scrubber.

Good to know: PRIMARINE is a full member of the EGCSA.

About ERC

Over 20 years of solutions for emissons – produced in Germany

About SPC

Innovation thinking for the global environment


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Well to wake value of using EGCS

In a study published in June by Norway’s SINTEF, one of Europe’s largest independent research organizations, Chief Scientist Dr. Elizabeth Lindstad concluded that from well-to-wake the continued use of heavy fuel oil (HFO) with a scrubber is the most environmentally beneficial means of meeting GHG emissions targets.

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We are hiring!

After a successful launch in 2018, Primarine is hiring. To strengthen our team we are looking for a PROJECT MANAGER (m/f/d), a COMMISSION ENGINEER (m/f/d) and a SALES ENGINEER (m/f/d). Please find all informations on our career page.

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Meet Primarine at the SMM in Hamburg

Primarine will participate in the SMM Maritime Trade Fair, from 4-7 September 2018 in Hamburg, Germany, to promote its innovative technology Triloop Scrubber at the the leading international maritime trade fair.

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February, 26/27 – Greentech in Shipping, Hamburg

March, 5/6 – Americas Sulphur Cap 2020, Houston

March, 19-22 – GST Europe Conference 2030, Copenhagen

May, 8/9 – Sulphur Cap 2020 Conference, Awards & Exhibition, Amsterdam

May, 30/31 – Green Shiptech China Congress, Shanghai

September, 3-4 – Green Tech in Shipping Forum, Miami

September, 10 – 2nd BuyBlue European Maritime Community B2B, Hamburg

October, 3-5 – INMEX SMM India, Mumbai

October, 8/9 – 4th International Green Shipping Summit, Rotterdam

October, 15/16 – Asian Sulphur Cap 2020 Conference 2019, Singapore

December, 3-6 – Marintec China 2019, Shanghai



September, 8-11 – SMM, Hamburg


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