High efficiency thanks to innovative thinking

About SPC –
Chinese power for global environment

Being a national high-tech company founded in 2001, Beijing SPC Environment Protection Tech Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in industrial emission control, energy saving and comprehensive utilization of resources. SPC is now an integrated service provider with independent R&D, project financing, engineering, procurement, construction, operation service and equipment manufacturing in the industrial flue gas desulfurization, denitrification and dust removal fields.

As of June 2016, SPC owns 18 subsidiaries, 14 operation branches, over 1000 employees and a total assets of 11 billion CNY. SPC is the early founder of domestic large-scale thermal power plants flue gas purification technology and practitioner of the first third-party-governance in the field. The company has advanced independent R&D and innovation ability.

With the innovation thinking, mechanism and platform, SPC has developed a series environment protection and energy saving technology including high efficiency desulfurization technology, high efficiency spray technology, high efficiency dust removal technology, dry flue gas cleaning process with coke, lignite coke making technology, SPC single tower desulphurization dust removal deep purification integrated technology (SPC-3D), flue gas dehydrate technology, zero liquid discharge technology and a series of environmental protection and energy saving technologies.

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